Our Vision

empowering people to spread the light of angels, ascension and the sacred mysteries of the universe

Our aim is to inspire you, fill you with self confidence, wisdom and courage so that you may live in light and spread it to others, enabling us all to live and work peacefully together, with inner clarity and unconditional love for all life on Earth.

Teacher Training Courses

The Teaching Courses are designed to give you the structure, aspiration and information to run and teach inspiring and effective workshops.  The Foundation honours diversity and recognizes that many of you may prefer to use the training and teaching material to enhance your personal development or healing work rather than run workshops, and we are happy to support this.


Workshops are run by members of the Foundation and are based on the material contained within the various teacher training courses. Master Teachers and Graduates of Diana Cooper Foundation run also other workshops, which contain their own work.

Personal Development

These courses are part of a new stream of personal development programmes, providing a safe and solid foundation on which to explore your own intuitive wisdom. Our work provides important knowledge to support you through the planetary changes which you will be able to apply to all areas of your life.

What we do

The Diana Cooper Foundation offers teacher training programmes which give you the inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and tools, with which to build a solid spiritual foundation. 

As a graduate teacher you will know how to connect with Beings of Light and safely guide others in their learning.  Our courses teach you how to; work with Angels, ask for and receive their advice and guidance.  Learn about Ascension – a personal path of spirituality.  Transform Your Life and clear the outdated internal patterning which holds you back. Enhance your life and understand the transition years Towards 2032.  Or discover Golden Atlantis and help bring the world into the New Golden Age.  Explore the magical wonder of Unicorns, or use Lemurian Healing to help heal the planet.


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Personal Development


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