Ascension with Dragons, Archangels, Unicorns and the Animal Kingdom
21-10-2018 - 22-10-2018

There is a huge opportunity for enlightenment and ascension now. During this weekend you will:
Enjoy a fabulous journey with your unicorn and give and receive unicorn blessings.
Meet your personal dragon.
Connect with the Emerald Dragons, Rainbow Dragons and the pink Dragons from Andromeda.
Specific high frequency dragons will clear your chakras and the angels will activate them at a higher level.
Meet the Illumined Master St Germain and learn how he attained his power as Merlin the Magician.
Truly understand the Violet Flame, the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame and the Lilac Fire of Source.
Work with the Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons and the Lilac Fire Dragons.
Visit the Masters of Saturn.
Visit the retreat of the Universal Angel Mary for heart healing and love.
Experience the pure light of Mother Mary and Quan Yin.
Visit the Masters of the Himalayas, the purest etheric retreat on the planet.
Bathe in the different ascension Flames.
Part of the curriculum for ascensio

Diana Cooper

Location: United Kingdom
Zurich, Switzerland