A Beacon of Light

A Global Healing Meditation Every Day at 12 noon

Hundreds of people all around the world are coming together at 12 noon, daily, for 5 minutes, to connect with their minds and their hearts, and to build a Beacon of Light. Wherever we are in the world, 12 noon is the time when the sun is at its highest in the sky.

We are all coming together in our imagining in a circle around a beautiful Beacon. We are asking for a golden pillar of Divine healing light to come down from the highest point in the Heavens, down into the centre of our circle and then down into the very heart of the earth, where radiant white healing light is released.

We are all Beacons of Light and when our own individual lights are joined as one, we will create the most amazing Beacon; a huge lighthouse that will be seen all over the earth and that signals that this is a place where the most pure and healing Divine Love can be found.

We are building a powerful Beacon so strong that its rays of light reach out, giving warmth where warmth is needed; a light so radiant that it lights up every single place on earth and lights up the hearts of sentient beings everywhere.

Please join us and help us to 'Build the Beacon’. There is no cost involved and nowhere you need to go to, other than within. Where ever we are on our journey through life, where ever we are in the world, please may we all come together as a sacred community of light and contribute our individual light to the whole.