Franziska Siragusa MT, Principal Teacher

Golden Atlantis MT • Ascension MT • Lemurian Planetary Healing MT • Keys to the Universe • Transform your Life MT • Angel Card Reading • Angels MT • Unicorns MT

Monterotondo, Rome

+39 06 9062 5136

Hi there, I AM Franziska  

I am a Master and Principal Teacher with the DCF qualified in Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Transform your Life, Unicorns, Lemurian Planetary Healing and Keys to the Universe.  I am also an experienced Angel Card Reader.

I was born in Switzerland, have lived in the UK and now I am based in Monterotondo, a medieval hill town near Rome.  I offer teacher training in English, Italian and German. Course dates can be agreed with me and I am happy to travel to other countries to teach courses.

It is my mission to guide people onto a higher path, to embrace their Soul and Monad and thus transforming their lives.  I feel very honoured and enthusiastic about the opportunity of sharing my wisdom with others and I am dedicated to serving the Universe in my highest capacity.

I am deeply grateful for my beautiful relationship with the Divine and to serve on this wonderful planet.  I have a great passion and connection with the ocean and its inhabitants, especially dolphins, whales, turtles, manatees and mermaids, they make my heart leap with joy.

Yours in service



Location of Class


Transform Your Life Teacher Training (in English)

Munich, Germany

18-10-2019 - 17-11-2019

Angel Teacher Training (in English)

Monterotondo, near Rome, Italy

10-02-2020 - 12-03-2020