Elizabeth Ann Gourlay MT

United Kingdom
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Greenloaning, Perthshire

07881 865000

In 2013 I retired from a 40 year nursing career. The final 20 years were in a series of Nurse Management roles within Community Nursing and Specialist Palliative Care. These experiences taught me a great deal about respect and dignity for everyone as unique individuals.

It has intrigued me for some time how we in a rapidly changing world come to terms with our uniqueness while coping with the demands of our ever changing families, work and the communities we live in.

As an attuned Reiki Master, and a Diana Cooper Master Teacher I have come to realise that by raising our conscious awareness of universal energies and positive intention, they empower us to stand in our own truth as authentic balanced individuals.

My spiritual journey has been a transformational one from birth. I was raised in very rural communities learning to love the land, the seasons and all that is.  From my strong roots in nature and my personal development I have learned to view all challenges in life as real opportunities and possibilities.

I am now guided to culminate my life skills and lessons along with the Diana Cooper School courses to support others with their individual spiritual awakening and sustained spiritual development.

Each of us has the capacity to explore our uniqueness and create the opportunities for communities to live in harmony.

A series of facilitated spiritual awareness group workshops are offered in Greenloaning, Perthshire or in Peebles, Borders. The collective group greatly enhances insights and possibilities to any learning experience for the novice and the experienced. Alternatively workshops can be provided in your own area within Scotland by arrangement.

One to one spiritual coaching sessions can be arranged. These can be face to face, SKYPE or by telephone

Angel Teacher Training courses are also provided in Greenloaning, Perthshire. Residential options are possible for this course.

For further information contact e_gourlay@hotmail.co.uk


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