Zakia Kazi

United Arab Emirates

Dubai- UAE

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A Marketing Professional for several years in luxury Hotels in India and UAE, Zakia has spent most of her professional life working her way up the career ladder in Hospitality Marketing. 

Although very passionate about working in a dynamic industry, Zakia veered towards spirituality and healing after being introduced to Reiki in Dubai. It was always a calling! After a successful completion of Reiki 1 & 2 she was then introduced to the Angelic Realms by her mentor in Dubai.

With a zest to learn more and a calling to spread the light, she then went on to persue a full fledged Teacher Training programme with the Diana Cooper Foundation with a Master Teacher in Cyprus, Susanne Rudd. An intense insight into the realm of Angels and Archangels has her now leading Meditations and conducting courses and workshops to Introduce students to the light of Angels and Archangels and working with calling in the Angelic Realms towards the betterment of each and every soul that chooses the path of Angelic light and ascension. 

Her mission is to the spread the Light of Angels around the world and help human kind through the power of  Angels.


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