Heike Rann MT

United Kingdom
Angels MT • Ascension MT • Golden Atlantis MT • Lemurian Planetary Healing MT • Angel Readings

Windsor, Berkshire

01753 575214

Heike was born in Hamburg, and now lives near Windsor in Berkshire. She holds Diana Cooper School teaching certificates for Angels, Ascension and Golden Atlantis, and earlier this year completed the Diana Cooper School Master Teacher course for Angels and Ascension. Heike has a Healing Diploma and also holds an Awakening Your Light Body Course certificate.

Heike feels she has felt a spiritual awareness during most of her life, but it is since joining her first meditation group about 12 years ago that she consciously started on her own spiritual path. Following on from the initial stepping stone of the meditation group, she joined the School of Insight and Intuition in Richmond, London, where she studied psychic growth, personal development and spiritual healing (NFSH based) for a period of 6 years during the evenings.

It was through working as a healer that Heike first became really aware of the angelic energy that is available to us all. Heike was invited to take a year’s teaching course at the School in Richmond, which had been her aim. However on attending World Angel Day October 2001 in London, her heart prompted her to embark on Diana Cooper’s certified teaching courses on angels and ascension during 2002 and she now feels privileged in having achieved certificates in both subjects.

She has completed a basic course in vortex healing and bereavement counseling and is involved as a volunteer with the Thames Valley Hospice in Windsor. Heike is always very keen to share and pass on the light of the angelic realms by facilitating angel and ascension teaching weekend or evening workshops, or running smaller group sessions, and she also very much enjoys working on a one to one basis.

Heike has also achieved a Diploma in Colour Therapy (S.N.H.S. Dipl.) and holds Practitioner and Master Certificates for Angelic Reiki Healing.


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