Franziska Siragusa MT, Principal Teacher

Golden Atlantis MT • Ascension MT • Lemurian Planetary Healing MT • Keys to the Universe • Transform your Life • Angel Card Reading • Angels

Monterotondo, Rome

+39 06 9062 5136

Hello, my name is Franziska!  I have lived in Switzerland, in the UK and now I live in Monterotondo (Rome), Italy.

I am a qualified teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation of Angels, Transform your Life and Keys to the Universe, and I am a Master Teacher for Ascension, Lemurian Planetary Healing and Golden Atlantis.  I am also an Angel Card Reader and part of the Diana Cooper Orb Team.  I offer teacher training in English, Italian and German and I am also prepared to travel to other countries to do teaching.

It is my aim to empower people to heal their lives, to guide them closer to their Soul and Monad, and to step more fully into their power.

I am very passionate about being a spiritual teacher and enthusiastic about the opportunity to share my wisdom to help others to become good teachers so that the light can spread.

My passions in life are the ocean and dolphins.  I have a special connection to the oceans and its inhabitants, they make my heart leap with joy.

I feel blessed to be here on Earth at this special time and grateful for the possibility of being in divine service.

Oceans of Angel Blessings and Light,


Location of Class


Angel Awareness Day

Monterotondo, Rome


Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training (In Italian)

Monterotondo, Rome

18-10-2017 - 01-12-2017

Transform Your Life (In English)

Monterotondo, Rome

24-01-2018 - 23-02-2018