Juthika Dcruz



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My journey onto the spiritual path began with the quest as to "why me" & and "where is all this going ?" when I encountered certain set backs in my seemingly perfect life. This quest turned me into a seeker soul who wanted to learn about the mystics of the universe and learn how certain things are, the way they are ? Over the last few years I have found myself emerging stronger and more at peace with everything within and around me. My positive associations, which were actually emerging from my negative experiences, have in turn helped to strengthen my faith in the Universal Oneness of the Almighty and the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms. I am filled with immense gratitude towards the universe and feel blessed for the abundance it has bestowed upon me. 

It is my deepest desire to extend my positive experiences to the people around me and help them to lift up their souls towards their highest good. No matter what the past has been, I believe it is possible to rise above the situations and find yourself. It is a peaceful state to be in and I want to facilitate more and more people towards  achieving this level of blissful being.

Being a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the International Federation of Coaching and NLP (UK) and the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming, India , (ANLP -India) and also a Clinical  Hypnotherapist, I am able to identify with the pain and pleasures of life that influence a person's everyday life. My perceptive powers enable me to understand the effects of childhood conditionings, old beliefs, fears and negative emotions. I specialises in Inner Child issues, Past Life Regression, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Chakra Therapy and Redikall Healing. I also work with Earth Energies to create sacred spaces. I have assisted my mentor, Ms Veena Shrikant of the California Hypnosis Institute, in her workshops with students of the higher secondary grades. The subjects varied from Care and Concerns of Girls at Puberty, Relationship Handling and Confidence and Success through Hypnotherapy.

Born in the fashion capital of India, Mumbai, I have had the good fortune to have worked in a cross section of industries. My work has taken me through the fields of Administration, Human Resources, Banking, Logistics and senior Management levels.

I believe that every one is beautiful and unique in their own way. My  passion for spreading beauty in everyone’s lives has led me to form my own company, White Canvas Image Management. As an independent Image Consultant I help people find themselves and create a new impactful image for themselves. The outer image is a representation of ones inner beauty. Through WCIM, my aim  is to enable people to bring this inner beauty to the fore, in a holistic as well as a practical manner. A happy and confident person by default would be more inclined to project the right image, at the right time and at the right place.

Angels are adored the world over. And hence with the help of angels , it is possible to bring people closer to their own natural soulful state as intended by the Oneness above. With angel guidance, we can move one step ahead in the right direction towards the fulfilment of our divine life plan on this planet earth. Through my angel workshops , it is my attempt to return to the Universe what it has given to me, viz love, peace, happiness, contentment,  compassion, bliss, understanding and  abundance. I feel blessed to be sharing a special bonding with the Source, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, my personal Guardian Angel Raphael and all the other Angels. I believe in Angels and that there’s something good in everything that we see. We just have to look for the right time to cross the stream. With the angels on our side …we all can make our dreams come true and create a heaven on the earth.


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