Personal Development Courses

These courses are part of a new stream of personal development programmes being offered by some of our Master Teachers, providing a safe and solid foundation on which to explore your own intuitive wisdom. Our work provides important knowledge to support you through the planetary changes which you will be able to apply to all areas of your life.    

Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound: This course will take you on a journey of healing, transformation and self-discovery.  Sound opens up amazing possibilities for creating lives rich in love, joy, harmony and oneness. You will learn how the gentle frequencies of toning, chanting, music, crystals, singing bowls and colour can bring about powerful healing for ourselves, others and our Planet Earth.  You will experience many powerful sound healing exercises and in particular how to create your own sacred sound temple of healing and rejuvenation.  Contact Mildred Ryan for more details of this course - or visit her website at

Ascension Correspondence course

– coming soon


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